In The Groove

In The Groove is the go-to place for women of a certain age for what you need to know, and maybe didn’t even know you needed to know(until we came along) to stay in the groove.

And listen, we get it. You’re busy, so we’re keeping it simple and all in one place– everything from must-have fashion to the app that will seriously change your life.

In The Groove offers a post-graduate degree in what to know, to do, to see–but without the exams, and the all-nighters.

Who We Are

  • We are small group of women, led by One Kings Lane founder, Susan Feldman on a quest to stay engaged, connected. In The Groove curates product, makes informed recommendations, and offers up to the minute editorial content. We are spending our days (and nights), in conversation, research and product testing and then reporting back to you.
  • Aging up isn’t so scary when you’ve got friends at “In The Groove” to laugh it off with.

Why We Are Here

  • In The Groove was born because all around me, women somewhere in the vicinity of their 50th year, were describing that somewhere in the middle of a mostly joyful life they began to experience feelings of invisibility. The idea that you could go from a decade of feeling like a “world beater” to a decade where your stock was speedily approaching an expiration date was sticking in my craw.
  • In the spirit of not getting mad, but rather getting even, I decided to help my sisters in a call to arms to stay “In The Groove.” We are turning “WeAreNotInvisible” to “NowYouSeeUs” and we are having a lot of fun.
  • In The Groove is a “must read/watch/go to” place where I share my personal recommendations first, and then you chime in, because, well, it has to start somewhere and like Lesley Gore sang“this is my party and I will cry if I want to.”